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my nvidia 8600 GT will not run aero. what is a better choice that will and run my games decently and not break the bank?
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  1. Your GF8600GT Will run Aero, all that is required is a capable DX9 (PS2.0) card with 128MB of VRAM, specifically what is your issue with it?

    If you're looking to upgrade for games, that's a different story, which needs your budget, the rest of your specs (including res), and the games you like to play.
  2. My 7600GT runs aero just fine. Did you get the latest nvidia drivers?

    4670, 4770, 9600GT, GTS250 are all relatively cheap choices. I'd suggest going no lower than a 4670 or 9600GT as any card below that usually can't run today's games on high @ 1280x1024.
  3. I ran the compatability software for windows 7 and it said it will not run aero, nvidia support said it is compatable but will not run areo. I am looking for a card that will let me run areo, play games and run dual monitors. Not expensive either. Could the info be inncorrect?
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