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Hello good people,
My Zalman CPU cooler (CNPS9900led--omega design) has been making funny (fairly slight) "rattling/vibrating noises" at startup. It used to happen for a couple of minutes and then quiet down, but as of late the it happens more often and I'm starting to be concerned that it is dying. It is only about 4 months old and the noise started at the outset. Does anyone know what this is about? Could it be harmless rattling between the fins? Ball bearings? Any help woud be appreciated.

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  1. Try to reseated the cooler, maybe it can help... :)
  2. wa1 said:
    Try to reseated the cooler, maybe it can help... :)

    I did reseat it about 2 months ago..although I cant rule out makeing the same mistake twice.
  3. Still on warranty? if still then u can claim it.
    Just like u said before, it maybe the trouble with ball bearings.
  4. Im thinking about it. Just starting with a fresh one might be best.
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