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I have a 50GB OCZ Vertex II and it does not seem to be as fast as it suppsoe to be. Also, recently I not been able to load into a new map in Black Ops fast enough to be in the first round. I used to ahve no problem. I am getting max 219 and low 59 on a speed test with an average of like 130 which seems low in my opinion. Any suggestions?
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  1. OCZ advertised speeds are with ATTO & AS-SSD benchmark software.

    If you are looking for the advertised speeds of "up to" 285 MB/s Read and 275 MB/s Write then you have to benchmark with ATTO.

    Advertised AS-SSD speeds are "up to" 165 MB/s Read and 35 MB/s Write.

    Here’s the link for ATTO specs:

    Here’s the link for AS-SSD specs:
  2. You may be suffering from "drive throttling." It's a feature of Sandforce controllers. Look up posting from user "groberts101" (?) as he test them.

    BUT, is your SATA controller set to ACHI, not IDE or compatible?

    AND, running benchmarks will harm your drive more than anything! Run ATTO, and quit it.
  3. yeah, i have only ran it a few times because i heard it was bad to. I have it set to AHCI.
  4. The Vertex II requires a Firmware Update. Go to OCZ and download the Firmware Update Tool. Run it and make sure that you have the latest Firmware. If you do not then make sure your important data is backed up and update the drive.
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