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what is the easiest way to flash/update the silicon image SIL3512 chipset with the latest bios version??
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  1. Follow the directions that came with the BIOS update.
  2. I am sorry but I am new to this so I am not sure how to do that.
  3. When you download the BIOS update from the manufacturers website there will be instructions.
  4. I have already tried the instructions but i get the error saying that the Silicon image controller is not detected. Am I missing a step?
  5. Are you updating the BIOS from Windows, DOS, or Mac OSX? You are not trying to use the DOS updater from a Windows DOS box, are you?
  6. I am trying to update a PCI sata controller card. I am trying to use the windows SIflashtool.exe to update the bios.
  7. Is the driver properly installed? Does that card need to have its own IRQ assigned in the BIOS?
  8. this is the real issue I am having: So i can\'t configure the 1TB Samsung HARD Drives hard drives into raid 1+0.

    this is why I am trying to update the bios to see if this will solve the issue.
  9. I have just fitted a sil3114 card, after a bit of fafing around found a bios update option in control panel under the raid card.
    Just download the .bin file from silicon image website and enter the location in the popup and bingo all done For me anyway/
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