Intel Dual Xeon L5310 or E5310

I am building a dual quad core Xeon workstation. My motherboard supports both the L5310 and E5310 xeon processors. I understand the the L series is low voltage and the TDP is 50 vs 65 for the E series.

Is there any disadvantage to the L series over the E series?

The pair of L5310s is $50 cheaper and should make slightly less heat than the pair of E5310s but I want to make sure there is no performance hit for using the low voltage pair.

If it makes any difference this is going to be used as a workstation running ESXi with linux guests. One guest will be my daily work platform, the rest will be used for testing and learning in the virtual environment. The rig will have the 8 cores, 8G of ram with an SSD for my platform and a large sata drive for the rest of the virtuals. One physical nic will be used for my platform and the other other will feed internet to the virtual pfsense firewall/router appliance for the virtuals to connect to via the internal virtual network.


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  1. They're the same, but the low power version (L5310) should be more expensive:,29774 If you can buy L5310s for less than E5310s, jump on that deal.
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