Can't Find SLI Enabling In Control Panel...How to get SLI to work?

Hey guys I just can't seem to figure this out for myself so I figured I'd check and see if I could get some answers on here...hopefully HOW to get this to work or at least find out whether or not it should work.

Anyway, first off my specs:

Motherboard: EVGA 780i

GPUs: nVidia 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+

nVidia 9800 GTX+

nVidia driver version: 191.70

So, I'll go through what I've tried and hopefully someone here knows what I need to do (if I can at all).
I installed the two cards in GPU slot 1 and GPU slot 3 on the motherboard and applied the SLI bridge on the connectors closest to the end of the card. I then closed up my case and plugged my cables back in. Now, I DO use dual monitors and at the moment the system currently displays both monitors exactly as before and my dual monitor setup works fine with both monitors plugged into the top card...if there are any changes that are needed there, please advise. I have also installed the SLI Enhancement Patch and the SLI Profile Update.
After I did this, I went into the nVidia control panel to enable SLI and could not find the SLI setting area...which is still the case. Even in the "Antialiasing Setting" spot in the 3D Settings area doesn't have any SLI options.

So far, I have tried disabling one card in device manager and rebooting and re-enabling with no luck...I have updated my motherboard drivers to the latest...I have even tried reinstalling the video card drivers with both cards plugged in. I don't understand why I can't seem to get the right settings options in the control panel when it clearly reads that there are two cards there. All the settings I can get it to show are what you see in the last picture.
Anyway, please help! Where do I go or what do I do to get my SLI running?? If any further information is needed please ask and I will provide it. Thank you in advance.
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  1. What PSU are you using?
  2. People have reported have problems enabling sli with the 9800gtx series when one card is a 55nm and a 65nm unlike the GT. It is the drivers that are the problem in the end due to naming of the 9800gtx+. Do a mild google search about it because I have seen a few threads about this very problem.
  3. I've checked a few of the threads that seem to be related to my issue however the main problem I've seen is that when they enable SLI it's not setting itself up properly and their screen goes black and stays that way. MY problem is that I can't even seem to get the SLI options to appear anywhere.

    Also, I'm currently using an Antec Sonata case and I believe the power supply that came with it is the EarthWatts 500W.
  4. I would not use less than a good 600w, my 8800GT's won't SLi on a mediocre 650w hence why I went with the 620HX.
  5. I suppose I can try putting in a new power supply sometime soon, however shouldn't the nvidia control panel still give me the option of enabling SLI regardless of that issue? I can't find it anywhere in my nvcp and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers every way I can possibly think of.
  6. Armazilla said:
    I suppose I can try putting in a new power supply sometime soon, however shouldn't the nvidia control panel still give me the option of enabling SLI regardless of that issue? I can't find it anywhere in my nvcp and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers every way I can possibly think of.

    If there is not enough power to run the cards in SLi then the option will not be available, with some of the older drivers the option appeared in the control panel but would only infuriate people because it didn't work if they clicked the 'enable SLi' option and after going through it's enabling routine it came back showing SLi as still being disabled and if it was still that way what are the chances that you would be ranting on about how thse stupid Nvidia drivers don't work because Sli won't enable even though you have the option to enable it won't stay enabled why is that? , see the dilemma? :D
  7. Alright well I guess the first step is to try spending more money *sigh* alas, that might need to wait a little bit...maybe when my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate shows up in the mail I'll put a new one in as I'll be needing to format off of the RC anyway. If anyone else has any tips to try in the meantime I'm willing but otherwise that's what I'll do for now. Thanks for the advice mousemonkey.
  8. A good 800w unit will do plus there will be room to grow when factoring future upgrades.
  9. OH Bloody... I should...well know I KNOW another factor I should research before buying another card like this to sli :/
    I have the same problem with 2 bfg 9800 gtx+ OCs exact same cards and model numbers (i Just bought the second one for a $100)

    It's showing up in device manager, in GPU-Z (and giving stats) and in system information, It's on an EVGA 750i ftw, and they are attached to a Corsair TX 850 sli certified PSU that's pretty new (just built this rig this year so the PSU has been in use for about 7 mos.

    And now this one thread seems to revealing to me that I'm DOOMED :O

    Anyway, with the Intel e8500 dual and just some fans, controller, a single hardrive and cd drive, I'm pretty sure I have enough power, right? I mean I'm sure somone would have told me that 850w was excessive for this sytem? Or maybe not..but still It doesn't seem this problem is just the PSU..
  10. I'm having the exact same problem with 2 9800gtx+ cards after I upgraded from vista ultimate 64 to windows 7 ultimate 64. I have an ultra 650w psu and sli worked fine before I upgraded windows.
  11. New build here , two 9800 gtx+, no sli available at the control panel
    Win 7 ultimate, is anyone getting a theme here.
    edit added:
    I have gotten SLI to appear on a somewhat random basis on the nvidia control panel enabling it did result in functionality. Great. However I get BSOD on a reboot when it's left enabled, I can turn sli off before a reboot, it is currently MIA... for a while. Very flaky.
    I should mention that SLI is new to me, when it was enabled it freed up CPU resources as well as incresed framerates. My only test app has been Portal, but it flat out works, from 115 FPS to 230 when enabled, non scientific of course. I've heard that the CPU actually had an overhead increase when using sli, not apparent on this game though.
  12. Update:
    I did a network work around...yes it works
    Shut down
    I installed a legacy pci network card.
    Switched connectivity to the alternative Card.
    Disabled and uninstalled realtek onboard LAN device driver.
    Restart, disable realtek onboard LAN in bios.
    Boot to windows, enable SLI
    Restart, VIOLA, no BSOD.

    Waiting for a real driver fix, the ancient card gets by( salvaged from a 1999 box), but I have no open modern PCI express slots to spare, and my bandwidth through the old card is only about 50 mbs
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