775 mobo in a dell case

Ive got an older dell 4500 case, I was wondering if any newer mobo with the 775 would fit into it, or would i need to buy a new tower as well.
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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    You need see inside the case and compare with THIS to know if that case support an ATX mobo. Seems as the default mobo that comes with the original PC is a mATX mobo, and I think that you can find someone on newegg or ebay, but always is better an ATX mobo.
  2. Thanks for the welcome and the reply. After looking at the link it looks like mine is more of a microATX.

    Now my question is do they make an microATX that supports a 775, ive been looking most of the day and have had no luck finding any.
  3. Yeah, exist 775 mATX.

    You can see HERE, five pages.

    You can choose the best for your budget, BUT be sure that support your processor.
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