Weird PSU issue? Please help!

OK, so here's the story. Everything was fine on my rig until I started trying to add a fan controller (i7 920, EVGA x58 SLI, GTX 285, 6 SATA drives, Corsair 750TX).

The first was a sunbeam, 20w per channel, which I had plugged into 4 fans, all under .4 amps a piece. The thing started smoking. The issue may have been that I had one channel plugged into the 2 pin controller port on a Thermaltake fan, while the fan was being powered directly from a molex 4 pin. I don't think it liked that, though it shouldn't have been a problem.

So I RMA'd and got a second sunbeam, which for some reason wouldn't take the fans to full RPM.

So then I got a Lamptron FC2 (45w per channel). I just plugged everything in, and started her up. She turned on for a split second, then off. I also smelled some slight burning - similar to what I smelled when the first sunbeam started smoking.

So I unplugged everything. I then made sure that the cable from the power supply that was going to the controller was powering anything else (I had to switch around some stuff). I then tried plugging in the controller with NO fans attached. Nothing - wouldn't turn on.

I then unplugged the controller, and plugged the fans in directly. Still wouldn't turn on, until I unplugged the power cord from the PSU, waited a few seconds, and then plugged it back in. Then it was OK.

The PS is a Corsair 750TX, btw.

Any thoughts? Have I done something bad to the PS? Does it not have enough juice? Or is it reacting to the controllers in some strange way?

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  1. Test the power supply with a PSU tester ($10.00).
  2. I can get one, but the voltages on each rail are within spec...but I think I narrowed down the issue with the Lamptron.

    It looks like the PSU is detecting a short, which is why it won't start. I finally got it working after:

    1. Putting some electrical tape around the power cable coming from the controller to where it meets it's first molex connection (there was some exposed wire on the yellow and black).

    2. Taking the screws out that were securing it to the chassis.

    That seems to have done the trick, as it's working now. Not sure though if I should leave it or send it back...
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