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So today I made the plunge and bought parts for my new build. I picked out a Z68 chipset and noticed the Intel Smart Response feature. I hae a OCZ Vertex 2 60gb hdd to use for this pairing it with a 1TB hdd. I also purchased a 120GB Vertex 3 to use as my main boot drive. Based on what I have stated above, is this worth doing? Am i sacrificing anything by setting up the drives like this?
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  1. I guess it depends on your usage. You are correct in having the 120gb be your main drive. If you have a lot of games and such on say steam that you need a few hundred gbs worth of space for then I would say that the 60gb cache setup would be your best bet and you can put whatever few programs you use a lot on your 120gb drive. If you don't keep a large library of games you would be better served using the 60gb drive exclusively for that and just use the 1tb HDD as a data/backup drive.
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