Problem with x-530 5.1 logitech speakers

alright the problem basically is that when i play a game, watch youtube videos, basically everything the 2 side/rear speakers dont play anything, the center, 2 fronts and subs work fine. but when i test the speakers in control panel they work fine, they also work if i plug them specifically into an ipod. is the problem my sound card, im pretty sure its not a 5.1 in fact i don't even know what its called
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    If you have 5.1 on your board, take out the expansion card and install the drivers from the board's CD, and plug-in the green, black, and orange jacks.

    If you don't, and your sound card is not 5.1/7.1, the x-530 won't work properly - get a 5.1 sound card and install its drivers and control software.
  2. if you have realtek hd integrated audio there is an option in the sound manager... i cant remember but its just a box and you tick it and you should have sound through all of your speakers. if i remember there is a little description and its not hard to find.
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  4. Its called Speaker fill.
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