Black Screen / Installed new CPU Fan

Hey I have a question about my computer system.
I recently bought a new Socket 939 CPU Heatsink and Fan. I removed by old CPU Heatsink and Fan and installed the new one, applying thermal compund to the processor. I had it all finished and booted up my computer.

But all I see now is a Black Screen.
What could be the problem.

I am currently using an: iMedia 1428
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  1. Do you get any posting beeps? The beeps you get can help determine what the issue is.

    Does it stay on a black screen or ever power down?

    Check your power connections to the motherboard. Make sure everything is plugged in correctly.

    You may need to reseat that heatsink/fan again.
  2. No bleeps. Just black screen.
    It powers up fine. I can heard the fans starting and all.
    Doesn't power down. Just remains black.

    Cant power off either. So I had to turn it off at the wall. :\
  3. Try clearing the CMOS and booting. Also, check that the new fan is plugged in correctly to the motherboard.

    You may need to reseat that heatsink and fan again.
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