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Corsair H70 Opinions

Last response: in Overclocking
January 30, 2012 1:24:39 AM

I'm about to buy a Corsair H70 CPU cooler but i want to know how good it is. What other heatsinks does it compare to.

I won the auction on ebay for the H70, it pretty much cost me about 40$ or so, it also came with a free Hyper 212+. The H70 is better than the 212+ right?

And i just want to know if its a good heatsink and if i got a good deal. Thanks.

One last thing, it comes with 2 fans, how do i set up this push pull thing. I'm a bit confused on how to do it.

Do i have one fan that's putting air through the radiator and then another fan pulling out the air from the radiator into the case or....?

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a b K Overclocking
January 30, 2012 11:23:25 AM

That's a good deal for the H70 and the Hyper 212+. Based on my own personal experience with the Hyper 212+ and reviews on the H70, the 212+ will give you about the same performance. The advantage with coolers like the H70 is you don't crowd your RAM slots, though you take up more space around your exhaust ports. Also, your case and fan setup can affect which works out better for you.

You have the opportunity to try them both which is nice. I would definitely do that if I were you.

As far as the fans on the H70, Corsair recommends you pull the cool air from outside the case into the case with this model. You will use one fan on one side of the radiator and the other one on the other side of the radiator. The cupped side of the fans will face inward (into the case). Depending on your case fan mount availability, you'll mount the fan to either a top or rear exhaust.

The Corsair site has an installation video:
January 30, 2012 11:45:53 AM

$40 for an H70 is a good deal for that product- it's going for $70 after MIR on newegg atm. The H coolers aren't insanely effective, but they're equivalent to a good air cooler (though a bit pricier if you pay msrp).

I wouldn't worry too much about the push/pull install. There should be detailed install instructions. If for some reason it comes from the ebay seller without them, I'd go to the corsair website and download them from support. Either way installation should be a breeze. Here's a cheesy beltzy diagram to show the idea:

<=air<=[fan venting out back or top of case]<=[radiator]<=[fan]<=[inside of your case]

One fan pushes air through the radiator (from the inside of your case and out the back). The other fan on the opposite side of the radiator is pulling the air through .