I2500k, "smaller" cooling solution?

Hi, right now I have an AMD 1090t with a Venomous-X cooler on it. It was a major PITA to install and I dread taking it apart and putting it on again once I get my 2500k setup. Are there any smaller heatsinks that will get the job done that isn't a pain to install/reinstall but isn't going to sacrifice a ton of performance? Reading a lot about the Hyper 212+s (?). Is there anything better than that without going to a huge cooler like the VX, or something that isn't such a pain to install/remount?

Or is it really worth the annoyance being the VX is one of the best of the best for the 2500k?

I was also thinking about water cooling. These seem less annoying to mount/remount but do have maintenance to them. What kind of price tag am I looking at for a good/very good kit/setup? I don't mind buying more coolant or w\e it is and replacing it if I'm going to get crazy results with it.
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  1. Most of the high performance Intel coolers use a backing plate to support the cooler. You will need to remove the motherboard to get access to the back of the motherboard if your case does not have a large hole in the motherboard tray behind the CPU.
  2. Aware of this. Mostly looking for opinions though on other coolers. Or if the VX is worth the hassle.
  3. I know i'd use the VX if it were my situation.
    Like jsc said you still have to mount whatever you decide on.
  4. What ever happened to the removable back plate on cases? I thought that was a great idea when I saw it, then I haven't seen any since. I feel like it would be the best feature in a case nowadays since that is the case ._.

    But yeah I think I'll just end up keeping my VX then. Meh.
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