Multiple flash drives as one?

hey yall..this is my 3rd thread im asking if theres a way i can plug in about 4 flash drives through a usb hub and make the pc recognise those 4 flashdrives as one flashdrive or maybe an hdd? i saw a video by kipkay which is a nice one but when he plugs in the usb hub it shows that he has plugged in 4 pendrives? is there a way to fix it? i could then use it as a ssd alternative until i get one... heres the video
thnx for helping me :D
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  1. Through a hub would be pointless; even if you could build a striped volume it would be limited to the transfer speed of USB2. A single decent hard drive would be faster. It was a cute "stupid PC trick."
  2. lol! thnx for the advice tho :D caz i figured it would really be quite slow, expensive and stupid at the same i shud just wait and get my ssd later on... :)
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    Slow, expensive, stupid - and cool, though.
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