What should be my next upgrade?

Here is my system specs:

Intel E8400 @ 3.0ghz
ASUS PK5 SE Motherboard
FSP Group 500W PSU
2 gig PC2-6400 (400MHz)
1 gig PC2-5300 (333MHz)
NVIDIA 8500GT 512Mb @ 459MHz (non OC'd)
WD Raptor 75gig
WD Caviar 300gig
WD Caviar 1TB
Windows XP Pro soon to upgrade to Windows 7 Pro

So at first glance I'm thinking I should swap out that PC2-5300 as its causing my PC-6400 to under perform. I dont really plan on upgrading my GFX card until StarCraft II comes out, which by then I'll probably upgrade to an HD 4870. I know that game wont be dependent on a more powerful video card a la Crysis but for me personally that will be the game that I will want all settings on high for :D

This rig is for everyday home use and gaming but nothing hard core (dont care if I cant currently play Crysis at full settings for example). I plan on overclocking my Core2Duo to 3.6ghz as I've read that can easily be done without having to upgrade to PC2-8500 but I think before I do that I might upgrade my case as I've had it for a while and have seen newer cases with much more efficient airflow (I'm looking at you Antec 300).

Any constructive feedback will be appreciated!
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    I would try the computer with only the pc 6400 ram in it . 2 gig is plenty for XP and will run faster than vista with 4 gig .
    If the pc 6400 is 2 x1 gig sticks make sure they are in dual channel .

    Other than that I wouldnt upgrade components . Save the money for a time when you can make a complete swap of cpu/mb/ram/gpu.

    If you upgrade anything then maybe the case , keeping an eye on the next generation of hardware you will install in it
  2. Thank you Outlander, the PC26400 are 2 x 1 gig sticks (which are in dual channel). I think I'll remove that 1 gig PC2-5300 and add another 2 gigs before win7 arrives 8 D
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