Windows 7 NAS problems

I am using different versions of Windows 7 on my laptop and my desktop. I have Home Premium, and Ultimate respectivly. My laptop is wireless, and my desktop is wired using a Linksys WRT54G. My NAS is a WD WorldBook, I am not using the WDanywhere access, just have a fixed IP for the NAS.

I mapped out to the drive using the 'my computer' dialog and aimed it at the name of the device. I have previously been able to connect to the drive off both machines, but as of late I cannot connect wirelessly off the laptop. It shows up wired, but as soon as I switch back, its gone. I have tried remapping it, but it did not work, even using different letters.

The drive stays on 24/7, while the machines typically are shut down every night. I am at an impass, and have even considered removing the NAS all together. Thanks
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  1. i am still having troubles, i can ping it just fine, but still shows as disconnected
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