What is the diefference?

discuss alternatives of using a very large L2 cache versus a smaller L2 cache with an L3 cache. Discuss the arguments for each approach.
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  1. L2 cache is more important, it is closer to the processor and used more than l3 cache, in fact most processors don;t have l3 cache, just a big l2 cache

    smaller l2 cache means less data stored in the flash memory and then the processor has to go to the l3 cache to find it which is farther away and thus slows down performance.

    large l2 cache means more info in fast memory(flash memory) and it is closer, so the processor has to go a less distance, and therefore gets better performance
  2. Homework?

    There are benefits to each approach - it isn't quite as simple as upendra is making it (and upendra, what flash are you talking about? SRAM and DRAM are the only memory types in the cache and in the main system memory).
  3. yeah i confused flash with that RAM

    but yeah it does get more complicated but how?

    do you mean the search and miss problem or something?
  4. cjl said:
    - it isn't quite as simple as upendra is making it ...

    Certainly isn't. A Core2 CPU doesn't even have an L3 cache.
  5. yeah that is what i said, most processors today don't have l3 cache, that ended few years ago.

    I was just giving him a quick summary of cache tech

    why don't you guys explain it now?
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