I need help choosing a 950-1050w psu..,

Not to be rude but please don't stick your nose into whether or not i need such high wattage. My reasons are my own. I am ONLY asking what is a really good one.

I am gonna be using Crossfire X (3 or 4 cards). A lot of people I know are pointing me towards the HX1000 but I have never bought a Corsair product and a bit hesitant because some are more negative than others. PC Power and Cooling seems to be the best but I don't know which one is good.

I need a reliable and stable psu. My budget isn't too bad. Anything that's $310 or below but i think only 1.2k psu's are that much. Modular would be nice but not really much of a big deal.

Thanks in advanced for the suggestions.
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  1. Get the higher watts you will not regret it..
  2. Never heard of Enermax before. I'm a *NOOB* :(

    I actually considered the antec one but someone said on this forum (or overclockers.net) that the rails are BS. Something like there really aren't as much rails as they said and that the stability is out of whack. Rumors i think.

    Now for the Enermax one i looked at the reviews on newegg and it seems that there are mobo compatability issues. Will is work with an Asus P6X58D Premium mobo?
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