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Hello All!

I'm planning a build for my father's small business, and I'm planning to include a 64 GB SSD for the purpose of booting Windows 7, Filemaker Pro 11, and Peachtree Accounting 11. The build comes to $450 w/shipping (i5 2300, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, 80+Gold PSU) without the SSD, and I'll be spending ~$80 (woo student discount) for a copy of Windows 7. My dad will probably be okay spending ~$650 max, and we have monitor+other peripherals readily available. That being said, I've got about $120 to buy an SSD, and I was thinking of this one:


It's $115 (possibly $75 with Rebate, but w/e), has enough size, and about the typical ratio of "GREAT!!1!" reviews to "BROKEDEDED!" reviews. Also, I don't think I want a SATAIII drive (too expensive, plus the real-world difference of SATAII vs. HDD will befuddle and astound my coworkers anyway). The SSD would be impt. because we boot this computer up first every morning to allow the other computers to connect, and quick boot times+quick access to crucial programs would be invaluable (plus it would sell my dad on SSDs in the future). Some of his computers still use the PPGA478 socket, and he's getting more and more computer issues (and I'm the on-staff IT guy...its a small business), so a convincingly good upgrade is important.

That being said, I have the following questions:

1) We won't be using anywhere near the 500GB on the storage drive, so I was wondering if it would be possible to boot+run FM11/Peachtree from the SSD, but keep a copy of the OS and programs on the storage drive. This way, if/when the SSD dies, I can guide my dad by phone through opening the BIOS and booting from the HDD until I can get back and replace/repair the SSD.

2) Is there a way to hide that drive so that the accountant using this computer doesn't save any files to the SSD, but rather to the storage drive? basically I need a dunce-proof method of ensuring that the database files get saved to the HDD, prolonging the SSD's life (it should have only the OS+2 programs on it)

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  1. By the way, the build is as follows:

    Intel i5 2300-$180
    Reasoning: This is the main computer that everyone connects to (although its not a true server). It needs to handle network requests, keep FM11 and Peachtree open at all times, and tolerate an accountant who surfs the web and uses MS Office, all simultaneously.

    Biostar H61ML-$50
    Reasoning: I don't need lots of PCIe slots for a discrete GPU (Intel HD 2000 will do fine), and this is a cheap, reliable board that can handle what I want.

    G.Skill 4GB DDR3 RAM-$35
    Reasoning: We don't have HUGE database files (~1.5 GB max), so 4 GB will be plenty. Plus, moving from DDR2-800 to DDR3-1333 will be a pleasant experience.

    WD Caviar Blue HDD-$50
    Reasoning: As stated, we don't need that much storage and its cheap. 500GB is more than enough

    DVD Drive-Some Samsung 20-dollar drive with good reviews.

    FSP Group Aurum Gold 400W 80+Gold PSU-$77 w/shipping
    Reasoning: Call me paranoid, but the possibility of failure while I'm at college is terrifying, especially since the rest of the office are technophobes. Again, the need for an impressive build makes me spend this much; if you have a better suggestion (less $?), let me know!

    Case: Rosewill R102-P-BK 120mm Fan MicroATX Mid Tower Computer Case-$30
    Reasoning: Its a cheap case, but it has a fan, good reviews, about the same size as all the other cases in the building (a big case would intimidate the workers, my dad thinks my Antec 300 is HUGE). Should work fine.
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