Enough power for overclocking.

Hello, I want to know if my 650watt OCZ psu will be enough power to overclock an i5 2500k and my GTX 560ti 448 cores video card. I currently have my video card over clocked at 848mhz core clock, 1686mhz shader clock and the memory clocked at 2100mhz with the core voltage at 1075. Used msi after burner. I'm just wondering if it will be enough for the overclokc on my video card and my new i5(on the way) with my new RAM running at 1600. My Mobo is the MSI Z68A-GD55 (G3) LGA 1155 Intel Z68.
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  1. Yes .. It's very enough for your system + oc
  2. A gtx 570 only requires a 550w psu. These "requirements" are usually pretty generous and should include an OC'ed processor etc. Since you've got a solid psu from a solid manufacturer, you'll be fine. Cheers!
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