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Hi forums,

I was poking around and saw this for my VM.

Says the recommended is 6141mb but is set to 4094mb. I have 4gb ddr3 1333 ram installed, a vidcard with 1gb vram and XP x64. Would I get better performance with games etc if I upped it to the "recommended" 6141mb? I assume the extra 2gb space would be held by my HD? What exactly is Virtual mem?

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    Just leave it as default. If you really want to speed up vm, try moving the pagefile to another harddrive. Just think of it like RAM but many times slower. Lets say you only have 512MB in the system and if you open a program that needs around 1024MB. Then 512MB will be in RAM and the other 512MB will be in vm. Since the whole program will not be in ram it will greatly slow it down. Thats why many users suggest to upgrade the RAM first to increase system speed.
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