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Hello,I have 2 2g memory sticks and 2 1g memory sticks and not sure of the best way to install them to get the best performance
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  1. You want equal amounts of ram in each channel. So, check in your MB manual to see which slots are channel 1 and which are channel 2, and then put 2GB+1GB in each channel. Are they the same rated speed/timing/voltage?
  2. I have the memory sticks in the right channels but windows 7 shows that there is 6 GB there but only showing 4.9 usable. Why?
  3. I don't know the quirks of 775, but from our Gigabyte motherboard sticky:

    If you have a socket 775 board, and are trying to use more than two DIMMs, you will need to 'bump' the MCH voltage by a tenth, or a tenth-and-a-half, to accommodate them. Realize that, if you are doing this, and running memory faster than 800, which is already 'overvolted' (likely, 2.1V instead of 1.8V JEDEC), you are both over-volting and over-clocking your MCH - stability may require MCH cooling:

    Can't hurt to try I suppose.
  4. Try typing 'msconfig' in the search box. From there, go into the 'advanced' tab and UNCHECK the 'Max Memory' box.
  5. Thanks for help I got more memory output
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