I have a Toshiba M65-S809 any upgrades?

I've already maxed out the memory. Are there any worthwhile upgrades that are feasable without just getting another laptop?
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  1. You can always upgrade the hdd to ssd. Also if you upgrade to windows 7 you can use ReadyBoost

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I looked into the ssd's and they seem a little pricey, and when you add windows 7 to the mix (which I have on another toshiba, and I love) the cost does not seem to make too much sense. I can get a new laptop with some decent options in the neiborhood of $500.00.... Unless you can point me in cheapo depot direction!
  3. pricewatch or amazon for the hardware. You might want to try xp lite to remove some components to make your system run smoother. You can also try a distro of linux instead of window7. If you can get another laptop for the price of the upgrades you should do that.. And just give or sell away the old laptop. Or make it into a media server...
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