CPU-Z or is it my Computer?

Trying to overclock my old, Athlon 64 x2 4200+ on a Epox Nforce MF570 SLI board. It's running a ghost bios with no updates. Haven't been able to find an update on this board in ~5 years.


Overclocked from 2.2ghz to 2.35ghz, start up bios read its right. I get onto my desktop and CPU-Z show's it back to default; but my computer>properties will show it as 2.35ghz also

Is CPU-Z wrong, or is it my OS that's reading it wrong?
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  1. Could you post a screenshot of your CPU-Z?
  2. cpu-z often gets fool.
  3. No idea but I wouldn't lose any sleep over 150mhz.
  4. that's cpu-z fault a guy who have same problem to you last 2 months.
  5. I'm doing 150mhz to start it out, I've been having issues with the CPU-Z not reading my correct clock. I knew that it would always show correct overclock on the bios read/post data read...and I just realized it shows up on the properties as the right speed also.


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  6. Just for a laugh try an under clock value. Bet CPUZ shows stock speed.
  7. Another note, Core Temp, CPU-Z, and NVIDIA Monitor all read 2.2ghz.

    Post Bios/Computer Properties are now all reading the correct overclocked state.

    Could my motherboard be too old for these 3 top programs to recognize it correctly?

    Mind you Epox stopped making MBs ~5 years ago and I had it before then.
  8. It's possible you could have Cool n' Quiet turned on or Enhance Halt State, both of which downclock the processor when idle
  9. Cool n' Quit is disabled, Halt State...not sure if this MB even has that. I'll Check.

    Halt state it's called? Would it be under anything different in the BIOS?
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