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i have av8 motherboard iam trying to put xp on go to put a portion on the drive .and will not let you .win you hit c ,it ask you how big it will not take any size it just stops. i have tried 3 copy's of xp, but all go to the same place and stop. can you help
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  1. Instead of hitting "c" just press "enter" and select NTFS quick format.
  2. ok i hit enter it tells me i have to make a partition, how do i select NTFS quick format it just go's back and forth on the two pages
    There might be a problem if its not letting you format the drive. You can use a 3rd party software to create and format the drive before you do the installation. I would recommend Hirens Boot CD. You can launch mini xp and format the drive from there..After that try to reinstall the system again
  4. ok how can i do is a new bored and drive .i'am using friends pc to talk to you and were can i get that progam
  5. Also make sure the hdd is the primary master and that it's been seen by the bios and the installer.

    I don't know if you can link to items that are not "legal" in these forums. If your friend has a linux boot disc you can use, to make the partition you need. Try ubuntu or knoppix or any other distro that you can burn to a disc or even better you can use those distro to make a usb boot drive.

    For linux you use either "cfdisk" or "fdisk" to create the NTFS file system. With hirens you can go to the partition manager to create the new partition. Or fdisk or any other partition software that available in hirens
  6. yes i got windows in but i had to put two drives before it went to format drive. but i can not get on line because i do not have a lan connection it on the board it will not take the driver it needs to be on line to run driver i have a usb wireless adepter but it needs to go on line to get a driver to make it work i need to get a wireless adepter with a cd so will take it.
  7. Download the driver from a computer that can go online and transfer it to an usb drive.
  8. i tried it wont take it every driver i try wants to go on line i have down loaded 10 deterrent drivers and thay do the same thing
  9. whats the make and model of the usb card?
  10. I'm looking for window 07 set up file if any one knows abt it kindly let me know.......
  11. i got windows in . but i have another thing it will not show the sada drive or dvd burner . have you any help for that . i think it is the sada rade driver but this broad will not take drivers from a down loads HELP
  12. Go to the mfg page and download the drivers related to that motherboad. If that doesn't work try Unknown Devices app or similar programs to find the driver
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