How exactly is the AMD congo MV-40 better then the Intel Atom 330?

There both clocked at 1.6ghz, i believe the MV-40 has a 512 size l2 cache while the 330 has a 1mb due to 2 cores. But i dont understand exactly how the congo is better.

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  1. for starters its better because its not exacly the same thing thats been going into nettops for a few years now... lol
  2. Well for one unlike Atom, the MV-40 is a regular x86 CPU thats just low power by them ripping out a lot of extras that make the desktop version faster like a slower HTT link, lower clock speed,less cache ect.

    But the MV-40 runs on 3x the thermal limits of a normal Atom. A normal Atom runs at 5w TDP. The MV-40 is set for 15w. I think that the dual core Atom hits 10w so a dual core version of the MV-40 would be 30w.

    So in essence, the MV-40 is great if you want more performance but if you want battery life on the go a Atom will trounce it especially since Atom will be using a low power Intel IGP while the MV-40 will probably have a higher TDP ATI GPU.
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