Is it important to overclock my motherboard (P6X58D Premium) & how ??

Hi Guys , I just saw a video on youtube

on how to overclock your Motherboard....but I found it hard to is it important and if yes is there an easy way or at least a step by step the way my motherboard is (P6X58D Premium) from asus....
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  1. If you found it hard to follow then you aren't ready to do that yet.

    Overclocking is not something that is done in a rote fashion. The understanding has to be there first, and there are no shortcuts. Since overclocking the motherboard would be something you do after overclocking your CPU, you need to master that first.

    This is a good place to start:
  2. +1 for Proximon

    You need to read a lot more. Asking us to overclock your system for you is a sure way for you to fail. Remember, you are purposely running parts "Out of Spec". You must be prepared for countless hours trying to find one little spot where EVERYTHING works. No two systems do exactly the same thing...

    So go read and move slowly.
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    Cudos for vvhocare5!

    As someone who jumped in to the deep end of overclocking by doing a first build and thinking "What the heck, it can't be that hard!" I ended up spending hours and hours sifting through the OC forums looking for clues as to what I needed to do to safely OC my CPU (not my MOBO). Now some 3 months later you see an older and more cautious OC'er with a keener understanding of the environment.

    If you have some time go here

    and read this guide on Overclocking, it's full of good info. You can also Google 'Overclocking Guide for (your MOBO model # here)' and discover a wealth of info specific to your MOBO. Often you will find really good info that will save you from the dreaded 'Blue Screen Of Death' (aka BSOD).

    Good Luck.
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