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Need a compatible ram

I need a quality ram for serious gaming. This ram has to be compatible with an Asus motherboard P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 with an intel I-5 2500K processor. I would appreciate your thoughts on a compatible 8 gb ram 2X4gb. I checked the Aus website but I'm having a problem finding a compatible ram 8GB for gaming. Any assistance would be appreciated. I would prefer not to use corsair. I wanted Mushkin 997000 and Mushkin said they are compatible, but Asus said they aren't. I dont know the real truth now. Thank you
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  1. I've used 2 sets of RAM that weren't on the RAM compatibility list (mine was a P5Q3 that took DDR3). If you want Mushkin and they say it's compatible, get it. Just because ASUS hasn't had time to test each and every RAM in existance (which is all that goes on the Compatibility List) doesn't mean it won't work.

    My Mushkin 4x4GB isn't on Gigabytes compatibility list either on a Z68XP-UD3P and it's running perfectly...
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    Pretty much any 1.5v DDR3 will work with your board. I like GSkill Ripjaws X myself as it fits under the big air coolers. DDR3 1600 cas 9 is the best for performance but be aware that going with anything faster than DDR3 1333 and especially going over 1.5v can void your CPU warranty. If you do not want to worry about your CPU check this out.

    I would get this RAM.
  3. I appreciate all responses. One question will a DDR3 1600 1.65v be a problem? I dont plan on overclocking or do I need to stay with 1.5v?
  4. Yes it could be a problem. The memory controller is on the CPU in a Sandy Bridge system and 1.65v is too high. It can damage the CPU and running anything over 1.5v will void the warranty.
  5. Great information. I learned some important information.How does this ram look thank you.
  6. Thanks for the great information. Sorry try this ram by crucial #BLT2Kit4G3D1608DT2TXRG.
  7. This?

    I would save the $25 unless you just really want RAM with LEDs on it. Being cas 8 will be about a half a percent faster in benchmarks. You will not notice it in any real world stuff. Crucial does make good RAM. Like I said it's up to you if you really want the LEDs or not.
    If you have a large air cooler it will hide the RAM anyway.
  8. Yes that is the ram.I was looking at the 8cas and the quality of the Crucial ram. The LED is nice, but wont really be seen under the desk. Thanks again.
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