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when i try to boot, either norml or safe, I get blue screen telling me that Windows shut down my computer to prevent damqage. I was on the phone with McAfee tech support and the tech connected remotely to my PC. He ran a few utilities and after one of them a reboot was required. I got the blue screen. We've tried everything and I even spoke to advance tech support and they are stuck. I went into the Recovery Console and when I was asked which OS I wanted to recover, Window XP was not listed, only GoTo Assist. I did some exploring and found a directory with these files in them, including two .reg files. I think this is the culprit but when I tried to delete them from the Recovery Console, I was told that they were being used. How can I boot up with access to C: without windows or without using this GoToAssist program?
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  1. First of all, ask the McAfee technician if they transfered the .reg files to your computer and if they haven't, shut down the Internet connection device or disconnect the wire from the connection device or from the computer before attempting to delete those files. If you can't delete them, download the Hiren's Boot CD .iso to burn the rescue/repair CD to scan for virus/malware with the included applications, and to check if the user accounts and system folders are still present. If the Hiren's CD doesn't help to at least logon in Safe Mode, you may have to repair-reinstall the Windows XP OS.
  2. I had similar problems recently with a friend's PC; turned out it wasn't a virus/ or malware (though I cleaned out a few of these as well), but bad capacitors. Have you taken a good look at your motherboard for this possibility?

    Here is the link to check for bad capacitors

    It could also be a number of other possibilities; including a failed CPU fan causing the system to overheat , a failed HDD, or GPU...any one of these (and others) will cause your PC to shutdown unexpectedly.
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