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Intel RTS2011LC Liquid Cooler

Just picked up my i7 2600k and ASUS P8Z68-V Pro\Gen 3 and plan on overclocking so I've been lookin at liquid cooling options. I think one of the smaller contained units will be plenty sufficient which led me to the Asetek model made for Intel, basically a Kuhler 620 branded. What I can't tell is whether the fan included is a push or pull setup. I've seen pictures of it mounted both ways...

Ideally I'd Ike to mount it to my stock rear fan for a push-pull setup like the 920s have but it's hard to tell what the stock included fan is setup for. Anyone have one of these yet and can comment?
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    Top photo shows the fan in push, and exhausting air out the back of the case. Most of us will tell you coolest air is the best for a radiator, so if you can do that, you'll see a little better temps.

    Push/pull is always beneficial than either push or pull. Make sure the fans are both moving air in one side and out the other.
  2. The existing exhaust fan on my case is 'Pull'' so I assume I would be able to use it in as well for a complete system.
  3. clintster442 said:
    Im sorry but your comment seems backwards. If the top photo is moving air in to the case than it would be in 'Pull' position, pulling the air through the radiator. So that would mean that the supplied fan is a Pull fan. The existing exhaust fan on my case is 'Push' so I assume I wouldn't be able to use it in the format of the lower picture as it would not likely fit with the water lines on the radiator.

    The top photo shows the fan in Push mode , pushing air thru the radiator, acting as a system exhaust.
    The bottom photo shows the fan also in Push mode , again pushing air thru the radiator , acting as an intake this time. ( Easy to tell with that fancy fan )

    Getting the idea of what push/pull on a radiator describes yet ?
  4. Yes, sorry, I edited my comment because i read the previous comment wrong the first time. I thought he said "Push" moving are IN the case, my mistake.

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you guys for your responses.
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  6. Push doesn't determine if its cool air outside the case or not, it simply denotes airflow direction over the radiator.

    You can have a push config of cool air outside the case to the inside, thru the rad.


    You can have a push config of air inside the case to the outside, thru the rad.

    Make sense? Push and pull ONLY refer to the airflow over the given heatsink...not in reference to inside/outside case air.
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