Are DDR3 Ram Prices Rising?

Is it me or doesn't it seem like DDR3 prices are rising? I remember going to Newegg to get a price quote for a future build, now that I've came back to the site it seems that the prices have went up. 2x2GB of DDR3 1333mhz Ram only cost like $80 and now it's $93 for the cheapest.
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  1. I was told that is the trend when I was trying to shop around for components.
  2. I noted it seems that prices are higher now, and a couple of builders confirmed this to me.

    It's because there was a production oversupply months ago, so the memory makers cut back, so now we have the opposite, a supply shortage.

    I'm hoping it will swing back again in a few months, and prices should come down again
  3. Yep - the memory chip makers cut down on the supply of chips they were making in order to get the prices to remain higher - figure they make more $ selling fewer chips by having a shortage of supply - it had already started to rise toward the end of last year and hasn't stopped yet (I'm still waiting to buy another 2 or 4 gb kit to go with the system I built last december (the price had jumped right before I was ordering the parts so had to cut back from a 4gb kit to a 2 gb. kit to remain in budget and they have only continued to rise since so haven't bought the other set yet. (Paid $56 for a 2x1GB DDR3 1800 CAS 8 crucial kit then and now the same chips rated at DDR3 1600 CAS8 are $78 .)
  4. yes they keep jacking up the prices here in the netherlands you wont even find a 1333mhz 4gb kit below €100 any more and these are the very plain value ones.
    It has gone insane and so have the graphic cards they increased the price on all radeons and all gtx boards were removed by nvidia from the market so its not a good time to build a system i guess.

    If it stays like this forever these hardware manufacturers can go screw them selfs for making monopols deals between eachoter inorder to jack up and screw over customers.
    it sucks hard
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