Question regarding my fan setup/aerodynamics and performance

So i got myself a corsair H100 hydro cooler for my i7 cpu. I read that a good setup was to use a push pull setup. I have the radiator mounted to the inside of the top of my HAF ATX Blue edition case. On top of where the radiator is mounted, there are 2 200mm fans with higher cfm than the push pull fans that im using. The thing is i noticed even with the H100 set to the highest fan speed that it wasnt really pumping much air out. Both 200mm fans are however spinning in the opposite direction as the push pull fans, but its still exhausting air out the top just like the radiator.

Im wondering if its possible that the 200mm fans are restricting airflow because they are spinning in the opposite direction, but they do have a higher cfm and are plugged into the power supply unlike the push pull fans which are plugged into the h100 part thats mounted on my cpu.

Here are the 2 200mm megaflow fans im using.

Here are the cougar fans im using in the push pull config.

And here's a video with basically the same setup im running.

Im pretty sure those are the best cougar fans you can get, and im just surprised that its not pumping out a lot of air, but as long as u guys think everything sounds fine then ill feel safe with my current fan setup. Are there any tests i should run? I believe i can check the temp of my cpu and different components in my bios, but idk how to check while im running a game or benchmark.

- Thanks
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  1. Generally you want the fans to pull air in the same direction, one pushing air into the radiator and the other pulling air out (hence push-pull :-)) however, if your 200mm fans are spinning the opposite direction then your defeating the purpose and depending on the orientation of the air flow you are either sucking all the air away from your radiator or sucking all the air into the radiator from both sides.

    Also you may run into issues if you have 200mm fans on the top of your case and 120mm fans on the radiator itself.
  2. The fans need to be facing the same direction. Otherwise, the net airflow through the radiation will be close to zero.
  3. did not see any intake fan from the front of case you need to get air in then push it out also remove the 2 corsair from the top and raed your temp back
  4. raed my temp back?

    idk how to check my temps other than in my bios, i did buy the corsair link cooling kit and have been dieing for it to come out. Just waiting for it to arrive by mail.

    Sorry if my wordering was bad. I have a legit push pull setup all fans are facing the same direction. All fans are pushing air out and away from the cpu and radiator. The only fans pushing air into something are the fans on the bottom of my radiator. Then theres two fans on the top pulling air out of the radiator, these are all 120mm fans. Then i have 2 200mm mega flow fans pulling air out of the case from above the push pull config and radiator. The weird thing is that the mega flow fans spin in the opposite direction of the 4 cougar fans in the push pull setup. I just feel like its slicing at the air rather than smoothly transitioning the air from the cougar fans to the mega flow fans. The megaflow fans are rated at a higher cfm than the cougars and they are plugged directly into the power source unlike the cougard fans which are plugged into the H100, and i have it set at the max speed on the H100.

    Theres a 230mm fan at the front of the case on near the bottom. I setup my fans just like ive seen in guides and i believe on cooler masters site. Heres a pic i found from a quick google images search.

    So thats 2 intake fans 3 exhaust fans and one fan pushing air at the GPUs which is palced inside the case pretty much right under the ram.

    I figured even if that setup isnt what was recommended it be better to have extra exhaust because the front of the case is basically open due to the way its designed which will allow for a lot of passive intake.

    Maybe im not feeling enough air because the computer is being cooled properly. Im used to my crazy 150-250 cfm 120mm fans on my old gaming rig. I just felt the back of the new build and it the cougar fan on the back towards the top exhausting air isnt really pushing all that much air and its 140mm as oppose to the 4 120mms on my H100 radiator. But the 140mm is however plugged into the mobo as the manual recommended for better performance for the GPUs. Cant remember what plug it is on my rampage IV extreme, but its closest to the back and that fan.

    sry for all the text, just trying to provide as much info as possible.
  5. if your set up is made the same as the link just make shure that the two cooler master that you got on top of the radiator do not restrain the air flow out and the all the 4 vortex fan push air to top
  6. Sorry can u be more specific about restraining the air flow? Thats exactly why im here because i cant tell.

    The only thing im concerned about is the fact that the fan spins in the other direction. So when i think of how the aerodynamics i guess u could call it works, it picture the fan working like a reverse cyclone but in the air. But if you add another fan creating the same effect but in the other direction i feel like it would just be chopping up the "cyclone" created from the push pull setup, which im thinking might mess up the effectiveness of the fans on the h100. This is all speculation tho because i know nothing about this type of stuff lol.

    Im just so used to my 120mm fans that pump 150-250+ cfm per fan on my old gaming rig. I didnt have a big case like this so thats why i was rocking the crazy fans.
  7. look at the megaflow max rpm is 700 with 100 cfm and the vortex 800 to 1500 rpm for a cfm from 70 to 119 at max speed,since you got two vortex phusing out and two on top pulling the air out that why you dont need the megaflow on top of them remove them and see the air that will go out ,you could use them somewhere else in the case
  8. Sorry i cant really understand what your trying to say. All i know is im using 2 cooler master mega flow fans on the top. They are rated at a higher cfm than my cougar fans on my radiator. I can always try removing them but i opened up the case and was trying to feel how much air all my fans are pushing, and it it feels like nothing compared to all my previous gaming rigs.

    If i knew how to check the temps of the components while i was running a game that would be great. Im actually contemplating getting better 200mm fans for the top. The cougar fans arent crazy fast because they are mainly designed for long life expectancy and to be very quiet which i love.

    Ive been waiting for the corsair link cooling system to come out, i read that it recently came out and before that i checked and they werent for sale. I purchased one quite recently and im hoping i can check the temps while running games/programs. Not sure tho it might just be in the bios, its been a while since i saw the video where they were demoing it at some convention.
  9. coolink kit available directly form corsair since the 10 january 2012
  10. Yeah i purchased one, had been waiting like 2 weeks before its release and i couldnt find a release date or even a time frame anywhere so i assumed it would be out by the end of the 1st quarter of 2012 hopefully. Found out it was available not too long ago and bought right away.

    Only reason i found out about the corsair link cooling system was thanks to my H100 that i purchased near the end of december 2011.
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