Evga 8800gt ssc VS evga 9800gt sc

I have a 3 yr old store bought gateway pc that will not fit a dual slot video card and for the last 2 yrs I have have been using an evga 8800gt ssc video card. Is it worth upgrading to the evga 9800gt sc video card or better off just leaving it alone?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Not unless you are getting from someone used for $50.
    It is a faster card than you have, but not a lot faster.
    Add to the fact that your PC is 3 years old, and a prebuild, the 8800GT is probably a good match for what you have. But a 9800 would be a slight upgrade, it's just not gonna be a lot, and not worth spending a lot on.
  2. @jitpublisher thank you for the feedback. I will stay away from the 9800gt cards but is their something out there that will be a decent upgrade for me?
  3. A GTX275, if you can find one.
  4. or a radeon 4870 (cheaper than the gtx 275, and still shows improvement to the 8800)
  5. A 9800GT is basically exactly the same as the 8800GT...it's mainly just a smaller die and BIOS upgrade.

    You'd see little to almost no performance boost.

    The 8800GT is still a pretty good card (I have the ATI equivalent 4830 in one of my PCs), and if your PC is already 3 years old, you should not upgrade the GPU or you might be CPU bottlenecked.
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