Blems installing windows xp

Hi everyone.
Im new to this forum and im not sure if this the best place to ask this, but i need some proffesional support :D
WEll my Problem: My Pc had been running with no antivirus for nearly a year. And i do stream a lot so i did get a ton of malware in that time.
No i got avast running and blocking a lot of bad sites and stuff, but the system was getting slower and somehow not working as properly as it should. So i wanted to format everything and get win xp reeinstalled and to have avast on it before i even connect to the internet to get rid of those malware/virus issues.(never had bluescreen or mayor freezes, but my cpu was on the edge at times i thougth it shouldnt)

After formating the HD and making new partitions i tried to install win xp and i got the problem the pc is not able to load a lot of archives it would need for the installation(i cant list them all but it were: .dll .exe .chm .sys .hlp .fon and even .gif and .jpg) after checking what some of these files are i did read some of them were necesary for win to run. Like ws2_32.dll or wsock32.dll. i tried it with another cd i made myself from a running system. And the same happens! but with the difference it doesnt find different files then on the first cd, and this confuses me even more.

I did read somewhere similar problems got solved by changing the ram(cause of ram dead) but my ram was working fine before i formated it. And i tried to install it using only one ram, too. and then changing it to find out if maybe one of my 2 rams(512mb) and the the other but nothing changed.

Now how can this be possible! if my HD is formated and the cd is working, it should be able to install win on it rigth? Can this be a hardware problem or is it more likely some corrupted files on my system which i cant get rid off even after formating the HD?

Thx for any advise/help! I want to understand better what happens to decide if i even keep on trying to fix it or not cause its an old pc! Problem is the one i have to use now is even older :??: and cant really affor a new one...
Cheers and hope someone knows what it could be!
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  1. More information on the system and hardware would be helpful. A lot more information.
  2. I dont know my specs exactly and i cant look at them now... Ill try and tell what i know and what i can see on the hardware.

    Dell Dimension 8400 Series with CPU at 3.6 GHz(if i remember correctly, but sure to be around that) 1 GB of ram
    Grafic: ati Radeon...hmm not sure of the model, i think its not the one this series had originally. It barely handles BF2 at full Grafix(nearly unplayable then) maybe this helps you narrowing the possibilities.
    soundcard Sound Blaster Audigy 2
    Motherboard: ?? Dell REV.A02 its the only thing i see on it
    Harddisk: Samsung SP2504C 250 GB/ 7200 rpm/ 8m
  3. Oh and it had win xp proffesional installed on it!
  4. Well while i was writing the reply i was trying again with installing...and voila it seems to be working...!
    Only thing i did was to put everything i found back to default in the setup and to plug out the HD, the graficcard and the ram and then pluged them in again.
    Set date and watches all devices where still on.
    Then the win setup "repaired" the harddisk and now its installing windows!! At least it was now able to load all files and its on the XP installationscreen now.
    YEAH it really seems to be working now!
    Ill reply again when finished the install!
    For those with only basic knowledge of computers like me, it sometimes seems there must be some codesequences which did get alive and are able of their own decisions...cause as far as i know all is the same as the 9 times i tried before this without getting anywhere...!
    Just glad its working again thx for the help anyway
  5. Ok i solved the problem. I was able to install win on it again.
    Looks like it was a combination of wrong settings in the bios and an old xp cd.
    Im glad its solved thx anyways
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