M4N72-E Bios slow boot

During the boot process, it hangs right after verifying my 4gb of ram. Right before detecting the primary ide drive/sate drives.

I am running the Asus m4n72-e motherboard
powered by a Corsair 750 watt psu
AMD 720BE OC to 3.4ghz running 1.4375v 59c max load (I am re-vamping the air cooling in my system by adding a new fan soon, hope to have it down to 50c max very soon)
I have a Gigabyte super overclocked gtx 275
4gb of Gskill ddr800 running a 4-4-4-12 latency at 1.9v (which strangely upon first boot had to be manually set up to keep from underclocking at ddr667 at a cas 5 latency)

This problem started soon after installing my wireless hp mouse. (at the time I had voltages at stock) I tried EVERYTHING to solve this problem, and never did find a solution. I dealt with it for quite some time. One day I decided to throw in another hard drive. I unplugged the entire case and installed the drive, put it together, and bam...my problem fixed itself.

Things went well for quite awhile, super fast boot ups were really nice. Then one day Windows says to switch USB ports for my Nvidia stereo 3d. I accidentally swapped the keyboard USB as well. After all was said and done I had said up perfect disk to run a system file defrag at boot. Well, one of those 3 things changed my beautiful quick boot pc into an expensive slow computer.

I have tried running with a ps/2 mouse and keyboard instead of my USB devices, as well as unplugged the 3d USB. The last time I had this problem I even updated the bios. That was a no go, I have tried using one stick of ram at a time. I have attempted unplugging the new drive/plugging it back in.

I am at a total loss on this one. I have been searching FOREVER and have only found one other person with the exact same problem. No solution found though.

What I can not figure out is how it was able to operate normally at all if it were a hardware issue. I have not the slightest clue what is software that could do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. SOLVED! Asus express gate was causing the lag in the post. It took me awhile of messing around with settings to figure it out, but there it is. I don't use express gate anyway...but the question is, why did it work flawlessly before...and now expressgate is giving me a problem? weird...but problem has gone away so life is good now :)
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