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USB/SATA 3, Did Intel Blow It?

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January 1, 2010 4:05:26 AM

Did Intel not see SATA & USB 3 coming when it designed the P55 chip(set) with its 16-lane on-chip PCI-E controller? Or was Intel already too heavily invested in the P55 design and left with no alternative other than foot-dragging in the hopes that it could get market saturation before anyone really noticed?

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a c 126 à CPUs
January 1, 2010 5:38:46 AM

USB 3.0 was delayed for unknown reasons in chipset integration but is put out by mobo vendors as PCI/PCIe x1 expansion cards.

SATA3 at this point is still useless since not even a Intel SSD can fully saturate a SATA 2 link.

But I have heard that a lot of companies are testing their SSDs with SATA 3 and are getting pretty good speed increases, some well over 300Mb/s per drive. But you have to remember that SATA 3 is a industry standard and has to be given when its ready to be used. You don't see mobos with DDR3 before you can buy DDR3.
January 1, 2010 4:19:25 PM

By limiting the on-board PCI-E controller to 16 lanes, the P-55 already limited graphics choices to a single 16x config or dual 8x. My point being that if SATA/USB 3 were already on the drawing board when Intel was mapping out P-55, wouldn't someone have noticed that 16 lanes were going to be inadequate if trying to take advantage of all three; dual gpu (whether on one card or two), SATA-3 and USB-3? Look at the workarounds both ASUS and Gigabyte have had to resort to in implementing them on their P-55 mobos. Note that I am appreciative of both Intel's and AMD's cpu innovation, so I'm not trying to instigate brand warfare here; this just seems a major oversight on Intel's part and makes their foot-dragging on USB-3 development a little suspect, at least in my view.