Need fan for ASRock 939Dual-SATA2

Got this from a friend of mine, he gave me everything but a working fan and a backplate to put it on. So I bought a back plate for a regular socket 939 motherboard but the holes don't match up, there too big.

What kind of fan and back plate do I need for this motherboard?
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  1. This HSF comes with it's own mounting bracket for socket 939.
  2. The screw holes aren't a standard size for a socket 939. There more clustered together.

    I bought a mounting bracket for a regular socket 939 but the screw holes don't align. Will this still fit?
  3. The screw holes themselves for the socket 939 are standard. The HSF I linked is a high performance fan which comes with a backplate and it's own mounting mechanism for a socket 939 MB. Here is another cheaper HSF with it's own mouinting system inclusing backplate.

    YOu mentioned you bought a 'backplate'. The standard socket 939 retention bracket and backplate would be this item. Then a standard 'stock' HSF would mount to it.

    Standard 939 HSF to mount to the standard bracket and plate listed.
  4. But its not a standard socket 939 otherwise I would have already ordered a fan for this baby. My friend gave me a standered 939 retention bracket. Not knowing it was a standered I bought a a socket 939 retention bracket and backplate. The thing is that the holes don't line up with the motherboard. Found a camera and uploaded to photobucket to show you what I mean.
  5. Asrock is known for customizing retention brackets with skt939 cpu sockets on their mobos... I have a newer Asrock 939A790GMH motherboard with a skt939 cpu socket and ddr memory. The cpu retention bracket IS a skt939 but Asrock modified that top plastic bracket by drilling four holes in it where coned shaped stabilzer feet on the bottom side of bracket are normally located.

    The four drill holes on the bracket align up with the drill holes in the mobo, but these drill holes in the mobo are NOT for AM2 retention clips... they were for INTEL sockets... (I am making this statement because my friend let me borrow some extra intel and am2 retention brackets and backplates and the am2 bracket holes do NOT line up with the the PCB mobo holes... but the INTEL brackets DO line up... (are we confused yet!)

    The retention bracket in your pictures is for an AM2 socket... which is different than a skt939 retention bracket... standard Socket 939 retention brackets only have two screws that go into holes that are recessed on the bracket dead center on the middle hook on each side of the bracket... AM2 retention clips have four screws at each corner of the retention bracket. (which is the one you show in your pics)

    To make matters even more confusing, my mobo (and yours) has four drill holes in the PCB that do not line up correctly with a standard four screw AM2 retention bracket like the one you show in your pics.... the alignement of the drill holes in the PCB appear to be for an INTEL retention bracket even though the cpu socket is an AMD 939..

    If your mobo was truly intended for use with an am2 retention bracket then the four holes on your AM2 bracket would line up with the holes on your mobo... but your AM2 bracket has its screw holes spaced farther apart on the bracket than the drill holes on your board... so you can't use the AM2 bracket on your board... (as you have already learned)

    If your mobo has the two drill holes (in addition to the four holes) then you may be able to substitute a stock skt939 retention bracket and backing plate but the coned shaped stablizer feet will most likely line up with the drill holes in the PCB board and make the skt939 bracket less stable (it might wobble if you use a big heavy hsf.)

    If you find that this to be true, you will need to find something to brace the plastic bracket... (glue or attach on some plastic pieces.. on either side of the bracket to stabilize it... (model car part holders / leggos / wood dowels or anything non conductive that will satify the height requirements and serve to stablize the bracket.

    I realize this reply is being made 8 months since the last entry.. I put this
    info in here to help the next poor schmuck who encounters this issue with
    these goofy ASROCK mobo retention brackets...

    hope this proves useful to some one....
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