AMD Quad Core A6-3400M vs Intel Core i3-2330M

I'll be buying a new laptop tomorrow, or the next day (wednesday febuary 1st). I'm stuck between two laptops, with the above processors.

With the laptop i'll need fast speeds and a CPU that can handle programs like Virtual DJ, a program that needs fast CPU and has a lot of things going on within it.

I might occassionally drop by on a game, once a week, however they will be browser based games. Although I do tend to play age of empires 2 quite a bit when bored.

overall i don't know what to choose, one laptop is 40-50 dollars cheaper, and that could buy quite a bit of sushi lunches :D
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  1. Although Virtual DJ is demanding in CPU power, both CPU should be able to handle it very well. The A6 might be a tad faster because it is quad core and virtual dj support multiple cores but this is negligeable, just as the i3-2330m would be negligeably faster in day to day Microsoft Office.

    You won't have any problems playing web based games with both processors. Age of Empires 2 is playable with both cpu's although the a6 would offer more frames per second in a once again negligeable manner considering that AOE2 is old.

    Other components would make the difference. If there are no difference, choose the cheapest.
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