My computer started clicking...

So here's the dilemma.

I was taking out one of my four hard drive out of my system. I had to take the video card out to remove one of the cages holding my hard drives out. That went ok. Then I proceeded to assemble my build together, and hit the power button.

Then I started hearing clicking, and the monitor didn't light up.

It was kind of odd, so I started eliminating factors which could contribute to the cause. And this is what I got:

* I unhooked everything, including all my hard drives and my DVD drive and my floppy disk drive. I still hear clicking...
* I was able to connect to the motherboard's onboard VGA and see my BIOS and everything just fine.
* My video card, however, won't output anything anymore.
* My hard drives still work fine.
* When I tried to install the video driver for my onboard VGA port, the screen went dark. After five dark minutes, I rebooted.
* The clicking stopped after I took out my video card.
* Currently, the computer will boot up and load the BIOS and everything and show the Windows XP loading screen. 10 seconds after that, I still see black (nothing appears afterwards).

I haven't tried "repairing" Windows XP yet, which may fix the video card issue. However, I want to know whether it's my motherboard, my video card, or my power supply (500W by Apevia). They all have been working for three years, although I was gone for the past 6 months. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. The most likely cause from what you are describing is the video card fan either is bent or has a wire poking into it that is catching and causing the clicking. No fan = no video output.
  2. I wish that was the case. The fan is spinning, though, and there's nothing in the way.
  3. Buy a Mac.
  4. Pigbearman said:
    Buy a Mac.

    sacrilege :pfff:
  5. obsidian86 said:
    sacrilege :pfff:

    Please understand I was kidding =D
  6. The clicking is probably the power supply shutting down and starting up again repeatedly. This could be due to either a faulty power supply of a faulty video card, substitution is the only test. One other possibility is that you haven’t mounted the graphics card properly and it is not seated fully down in its slot (you should not be able to see any of the gold on the connectors if it is fully inserted).
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