Please help, i dunno what im doing!!!!

Right I have a really random problem with my PC. I press the power button to turn my PC on and sometimes it'll work fine and sometimes it wont post, but the fans will come on. If it doesn't work the first time, then i'll turn the PC on and off a few times and usually within 3-6 times it'll work fine. Other than this, the PC works great.

At first I thought it was my graphics card not displaying anything, so I then brough a new graphics card and I still have the same problem. Now i'm thinking its something to do with my motherboard, and its PCI-E lanes, but I really don't know.

My CPU is overclocked but its stable (12 hours orthos tested), I don't think its my power supply, it has more than enough juice to power my rig.

The problem started a few weeks back, I was going to sell my PC and wanted to get it nice and clean and tidy, so I cleaned it with a lint free cloth, just lightly dusting the fans and blowing off any dust that fell onto my graphics card that I had at the time. I also plugged in the power and switched the PC on, without anything else connected to it E.g mouse, monitor, keyboard ETC.......
Then I plugged everything back and switched it on and got no display at all.

The weird thing is I tryed my graphics card in a friends PC and I didn't get any display just like my PC, so I was pretty sure it was the graphics card, but my new card is doing the same thing.

PC Spec
E8400@ 4.05ghz 1.208V
4gig of PC2-8000 @ 890mhz
Coolermaster real power M700
160GB Maxtor diamond max HDD
Previous GPU xpertvision radeon HD4870 Dual edition
New GPU PowerColor radeon HD5850 with Thermalright HR-03 GT Cooler
Coolermaster HAF932 Case.

I'd really appreciate any help.
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  1. some people have had complaints on the previous generation of coolermaster PSUs, it may be that your PSU is going bad, though hard to say for sure. Also, that specific coolermaster PSU didn't get certification for the new 5850s, so that may be part of the problem.

    Sounds like you have a friend with a comparable system to yours, what PSU does your friend have? You could try seeing if you could borrow that PSU, and see if you get the same kind of issues still.
  2. Could be the PSU, but I thought Coolermaster are a good brand??. It comes with a 5 year warranty, so it would be weird for it to fail after just a year. I'll ask my friend for his PSU.

    I noticed the last time I restarted my PC that when its posting it comes up with a warning saying: No hard disk detected!, this message only lasts for about 1-2 seconds and then it boots into windows fine. Could this be the problem ??? It is quite an old HDD.

    Thanks for your input wathman. I'll find out about the PSU.
  3. Coolermaster is a great brand for cases, I have a HAF 922 and love it. Problem is that when successful parts manufacturers start expanding to new types of hardware markets, they often do so by buying out a generic manufacturer, or contract an inexpensive OEM to brand some of their units as Coolermaster. It seems that the newer Coolermaster PSUs are better quality. Since you do have the 5 year warranty, keep it handy if it turns out that your PSU needs replacing.

    As for your HDD issue, it may or may not be related. Since it is old you may want to check the SMART health status of it. Windows should have a place to read it buried somewhere in the control panel, or you can get an open source app like speedfan that will check this for you.
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