How to connect linksys wrt54g2 to a windows 2000 user

How do you connect linksys wrt54g2 to a windows 2000 user. The laptop is a toshiba satellite 2950 CDT. Get a signal, but won't connect to internet.
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  1. First try using a wired connection, if possible. There are just fewer things that can go wrong w/ wire. If wire works, then at least you know the problem is related to wireless. And vice versa. If wire doesn’t work, then the problem has nothing to do w/ wireless.
  2. Go to router's setup pages, you'll find one of them to do with Wireless, Wireless Security. In there you can review or renew your security passphrase -- you'll then have to apply the security type and passphrase to your wireless adapter.

    See literature which came with your router.
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