Newb for watercooling a XEON on LGA 2011

hello guys,

does anyone know if water cooling manufacturers are working on or are already shipping solution for upcoming Xeon e5-1600 series?

I am a complete noob at water cooling. I was tending to get a corsair H series but in all honesty I cannot bare hearing fans anymore. My actual set up sounds like a vacuum, I work as a 3D modeler/animator and this is not acceptable!!!

What water cooling "KIT" is the safest, most widely integrated in systems and also safest and best water solution please?

Thanks a lot in advance for sharing links and advices,

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  1. You might want to consider getting either a modular kit like the XSPC RASA or the Swiftech Edge (or Ultima) so that you can also get the graphics card on water cooling, as GPUs tend to get pretty loud under load.

    The mounting equipment is usually pretty universal, they have various adapters and such. Although you'll want to verify they have a socket 2011 compatibility before purchasing.

    Waterblocks are out there for the socket, although I think that may be an older Xeon listed
    Universals may be an option,
    read through the stickies here and learn a little more, just so you understand when we start spouting about barb sizes/delta temps etcetera :)
    and remember, just because you are watercooling it doesn't mean bye bye fans, you will probably have more than ever, but at a lower speed, aka less noise,
    Nine 120's on my build atm, I'll need another eight soon when I add my gfx cards into the loop
  3. If you're watercooling it on the LGA 2011 socket, any good cooler should work well as long as it's 2011 compatible. Aren't Xeons supposed to be cooler too?
  4. Xeons typically are cooler-running, yes.
  5. rubix_1011 said:
    Xeons typically are cooler-running, yes.

    In that case your best bet for a low-noise solution would just be to get a cooler and stick lower-noise fans (sub 20dBA) on it. You'll still get proper cooling, but it'll be quieter.

    Xigmatek makes some low noise fans that are below 20 dBA but still push 50-60 CFM (cubic ft per minute), which is pretty darn good for a silent fan.

    Just for reference:
  6. That graph is wrong- Delta fans don't appear at all on the scale above a jet plane alongside Shuttle Launch noise from launch pad.
  7. Thanks a lot for the insights guys.
    Really helpful!!!!!
    Any idea what PSU is best or most silent @ 700 watts minimum please?
    I have a Tough power, I think it is thermaltake , it is a good PSU but I just discovered it is one of the main reason why my PC sounds like vacuum.
  8. You've got a lot of choices in the ~750-850W range. Several good Corsairs, XFXs, Seasonics, Antecs, and some Cooler Master Gold Series (GS) PSUs. PC Power and Cooling makes a 750W Silencer that's usually pretty cheap but it's built by Seasonic.
  9. My Corsair 750TX has been running near to 2 years now and it is super quiet, even when it's got a full load.

    Really, though, any of the premium PSUs boiler pointed out will be quite quiet.
  10. a seasonic 750 w gold series doesnt sound at all i.e. 0 db @20 percent load ,quiet@60 and good @80 and @100 a bit loud
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