ATI HD 4650/4670

Is there much of a difference between the above mentioned cards? I want to be able to play games like starcraft2 and diablo 3 smooth even if it means on lowest settings (obviously the min requirements aren't out yet but all opinions are welcome). Also, right away I would like to play supreme commander smoothly. Both would be the 1GB versions.

Basically I'm wondering if I can get away with getting the cheaper one.
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  1. The 4650 is GDDR2, and isn't as great. I'm not familiar with your games mention either...

    I advise you read through this article. It will give you fair benchmarks between the two.
  2. Thanks for the article suggestion, I did read through that and was looking for actual benchmarks on them, but I only saw benchmarks for the 4670 and not for the 4650. That is a good point that its only GDDR2 but I don't know how much of a step down thats going to be. If its going to effect games by 10fps then its worth it to step up to the other graphics card, but if its just 2-3 fps then I'll probably stick with the lower one.
  3. My bad, I assumed there were benches in there.

    Try here.
  4. The HD4670 is well worth the extra money. It's better to begin with and the difference between DDR2 and DDR3 makes a big difference on a 128-bit bus.
  5. Thanks guys. That's a lot of help! I think I will be going with the 4670!
  6. 4650 DDR2 version is actually's not as good as the GDDR3 version or 4670 of course.

    I used to own a DDR2 version, and I was able to play games such as Dead Space and COD4 nearly maxed out at 1280x1024
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