Upgrading my pc, questions about antistatic bags

I am upgrading my system and to prevent damage to my motherboard I'm going to have to remove it from the case to install my new cpu and heatsink (Xigmatek Cobra D984, read that it will bend the board quite a bit if you don't remove it from your case first). Seeing as the motherboard has been with me for a year or two now and I've moved twice since, the original box with the anti static bag got lost somewhere along the way. The only antistatic bag I still have left is a small I'm keeping an old harddrive in with data I still mean to recover before recycling or donating it.

What I'm wondering is if there's any other safe way to handle my motherboard if I have neither an anti static bag nor mat to place it on. Keep in mind, all my parts were net-ordered cause I don't have a pc shop near where I live and I can't drive (shameful..) Ordering a bag would take a few extra days and I don't want to wait that long if I can avoid it.
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  1. The work area, if you are doing this on a table, if its a wooden or glass table you shud be fine, just place it on there but i wud normally just rest it on top of a box until im ready for it or you cud just place it into your box without the bag no problem.

    Some precautions, if you are working in a carpeted room take your shoes and sox off, roll up your shirt sleeves past the elbows and be sure to rest your fore arms against the metal chassis when you are handling the motherboard and RAM or make sure you touch something metal at regular intervals, these are the precautions i always take.
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