Newbie Computer Builder looking for Help

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the next month or so

BUDGET RANGE: 1000$ or below before rebates!


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse, Speakers

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: preferably, if there are any websites out there on par with then I don't mind :)


PARTS PREFERENCES: I like GeForce GPUs and Intel CPUs

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe, I'd like to but don't know how

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe SLI, if one GPU is not enough

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080, but if settings can be maxed at 1440x900 for a lot cheaper that would be better

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'm looking to run Aion at max settings, additionally if it can be future proofed for games such as FFXIV or SWTOR that would be great too, otherwise I am focused purely on Aion :)

I am looking for this computer to have atleast 4gb of RAM minimum, I don't really know the difference between DDR2 and DDR3. :( I do not know how much of a difference there is between duo and quad cores, whichever synergizes better with the other parts would be good with me. :) I have had a lot of people point me towards cyberpowerpc and ibuypower, etc, but I do not know if these places are a ripoff or not. If anyone could enlighten me with suggestions that would be great. :)
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  1. Here's a little something I threw together a while ago:

    Change the video card to a EVGA GTX 260, or preferrably a GTX 275 if you can budget for one, and your all set.

    FYI: Since you say you won't be buying for around a month, the newer DX11 Nvidia video cards might be out by then, and you'll probably want to grab one of those for better "future-proofing".
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