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Hi all, first post here. I've been reading toms articles and forums for a long time now.
I have a case and antec 550w basiq, a celeron, 2gig RAM on 775 mobo.
I am gonna buy me a cheap eol 4850 (good deal, I found one).
For playing World of Warcraft and maybe a fps sometimes that video card should be ok.

Now my question:
WoW is cpu intensive, but would a e5300 with mild oc do a good enough job? Or do I really need an e6500 or e7400?
The idea is to upgrade my mobo, RAM and cpu ASAP. A cheaper cpu now means faster upgrade later...
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  1. You need to list your motherboard model to see if it can overclock the e5300 and what memory type you use. Most are ddr2.
  2. ty for the replie

    I should indeed check the motherboard, all I know it's ddr2 -800 ram.
    Don't know for sure if it supports wolfdales... I just hope it does until I can check it. (mobo not with me now)

    I'll get back to this when I got the details.
  3. Besides differing clock speeds, the big difference in the EXXXX processors is the amount of onboard cache. Note however that the E5300 and E6500 are the same in this respect at 2MB, while the E7400 has 3MB. Some games benefit from the additional size, others don't. Of the 3 chips, only the E6500 is going to support virtulization under Win-7 if that's an issue for you (some of the latest stepping E7400's may also, but it is catch-as-catch-can.)

    Strangely enough, with it's 13x multiplier the E5300 might possibly give you the higest overclock. Since the biggest difference between the 3 is going to be price, pick the one that seems the best buy to you.
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