Can't get the motherboard shield out of old case

I decided to buy an Antec 902 case for my new build from best buy since it kept selling out on
Newegg, but until I order the rest of the components for the new gaming rig, I wanted to put my old
pc in the Antec case. It's up and running fine now but for some reason I can't get the motherboard
shield out of the old case (it was an HP Pavillion a6110n). There's no rear shield installed on the
Antec case right now since the stock one wouldn't fit the old motherboard, and I've tried everything to try to
remove the old one. Any tips?
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  1. IT may not come off - since it is an HP case the rear panel may be made specifically for that combination and may actually be welded in place - for a temporary usage it will not hurt to just leave the MOBO in the new case without the back panel shield (just be careful when plugging\unplugging things (may let a bit more dust into the case but will function properly without it)
  2. okay thanks a lot. I'm sure my new mobo will come with a new I/O panel so thats all I needed to know. I'll just make sure to clean it out a bit more often.
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