To those of you running Windows 7...

I've just bought the following parts for my computer:

Corsair Dominator 3 x 2gb
Core i7 920

With these parts, I will upgrade my core 2 duo computer. Only problem? I'm running XP Pro 32.

As I'm about to have 6gb of ram installed, I need a 64bit os, and there is no way I'm going with Vista this close to Win 7.

I see alot of you talking about your rigs, and most of you mention that you're running Windows 7 64. How did you get it? Microsoft sent me an email with a link to buy Win 7 for $30 (the student thing), but that was the home version, and I want XP compatibility mode.

I have downloaded THIS (which describes itself as Windows 7 AIO Activated), but I want to make sure I'll be installing a version that will update itself.

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  1. most people are running the Windows 7 release candidate which is pretty much the final version with an "expiration date" occurring next year. Some people on here may be associated with industries that enabled them to get windows 7 Enterprise. Also, for the people who were selected as "Windows 7 party hosts," they have gotten an early release of the final version so everything is up and running for the general release date.

    Also, if you buy Vista 64 bit now from places like Newegg, you are entitled to get a free upgrade to Win 7 on release day via download, or a few days later in the mail if you want an actual disk.
  2. Ok, ty wathman...To those people who are running the Windows 7 release candidate (I used to be one of them). If they wanted to upgrade to the REAL version of Windows 7 later, would they have to do another clean install???
  3. I looked at the microsoft info page on the RC, they want you to do a clean install when you get a final version of the OS. I think if you do a little digging, there's some registry tweaks you can do to make the final version upgrade disk properly install you legal copy over the RC and not delete all your data. As to how well these tweaks work, and how safe they are I have no idea, but maybe someone else has heard about it and can tell you more.
  4. I have a TechNet Subscription.
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  6. MS released the OS a while ago so hardware and software developers can test their stuff out and make sure it will be ready when the new OS rolls out. Most get it via an MSDN subscription.
  7. Great thread you linked to there, SantiMun, that had all the info I needed to know :D
  8. You can get Free RTM version of Win7 which is good for 90 days. Then you have to reinstall w/ "real" version. Newegg says they start shipping on the 19th for 10/22 delivery.
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  10. I got a true version of Windows 7 Pro a couple months ago. I go to a tech school and I got Windows 7 for free as my school is part of Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA). If you go to a school thats part of MSDNAA or ELMS, you can get a bunch of OSes for free. XP Pro, Vista Business, 7 Pro, as well as the server one, whatever thats called. Your choice of 32-bit or 64-bit for all of those. I believe its like $10 if you'd like to get a disc from the school.
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