GeForce 9800 GT not detecting HDTV

Ok, i've searched the internet high and low.. found alot of similar problems, but nothing quite exactly like mine.

A few weeks ago, I bought an HDMI cable from a website. It arrived, I hooked it up (via DVI > HDMI adapter) to my GeForce 9800 GT, and connected the other end to my 42" RCA HDTV. It worked great, was playin games and everything.. next day, fired it all up... no go. The "NVidia Control Panel" no longer detected that the RCA TV was plugged in, and as a result, my computer monitor was the only display detected. I ended up getting a replacement cable, and that didn't work either, so it cant be the cable (not likely, unless they just happened to send me 2 duds in a row).. The TV is brand new, as is the video card and the DVI > HDMI adapter. I've tried it on all 3 HDMI ports on my TV - no good.

Now, one thing worth mentioning.. while i have the NVidia control panel open.. as i plug in and unplug the HDMI cable from the tv (or vid card), the Nvidia Control panel window flickers, as though it is detecting something.. but still, the TV is not shown in the dropdown menu.

I've tried the "click this if your display is not listed" thing, that didnt work. Tried "Forcing" it to detect on boot up, as per the other button, no use there either.

Anyone have anything like this happen? Anyone have ANY idea what's going on?

Very frustrated here. I appreciate any help,
Thanks in advance

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  1. I've narrowed the problem.

    The TV has 3 HDMI ports. I first plugged the card into the first port, lasted a day, no good after that. Second time i tried it, i used the second HDMI port. it worked fine for a bit too. Now it doesn't work. I have 1 working HDMI port left (i can detect it now).

    The TV is 1080p (1920 x 1080 native resolution) and thats the resolution im sending it. How do i NOT blow this last port?


    (keep all the replies coming..)

  2. Hey there, did you figure out what was wrong with the set up? I still can't find the solution for my tv, using a DVI - VGA adapter.

    please let me know, James
  3. I actually did.

    The ports on the TV were not being blown, apparently they were just 'timing out'. To solve the problem, i simply turned off the power bar for my tv (unplugging it would have the same effect) for 5 seconds.. then turn it back on. Simply turning the TV off is not enough, you actually have to unplug it from from the wall, or turn off it's power bar/surge protector. The Vid card now sees the TV. I have to do this every time i go to use the TV with my computer, but at least it works.

    Hope this helps
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