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Hello all,

In spring semester of 2010 I am going to be doing a Computer Science based independent study. I'm taking a networking class right now and would like to look further into the subject, specifically in the areas of security. Part of my study I would like to look some into the more sinister ways of networking, because I believe the best way to fight something is to know how it all works, maybe in a "white hat" sense. That being said, I have a potential "OK" from a professor who would be willing to back me up, if I can give an outline of what I plan to cover. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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  1. Ok, in the security networks exist many ways to study. Tell me what do you want to do exactly and I can help you.
  2. to be blunt, I want to learn how to hack, but I want to learn in order to one day be able to be professional and help companies find weaknesses in their security, or to be able to defend against hackers as a security admin. I also need some type of physical projects I can work on as part of the study, and at the end of the semester I need enough information to be able to make up a presentation. I'm looking around for books to follow such as Hacking: The Art of Exploitation (ISBN 1593271441) and Gray Hat Hacking : The Ethical Hacker's Handbook (ISBN 0072257091). Another interest I would like to study would be sniffers, I have a basic knowledge of how they work, but I want to really be able to dig into them and be able to read what is going on.

    In order to be approved for this project, I first have to write up an outline of what I plan to do (including projects and presentations). I already have a professor who will "sponsor" me in this study as long as I can make this outline.

    I do need a textbook or two as reference, those two are the only one's I have really looked into right now.


  3. Ok, for do this, you need learn a language program like C++, borlan, java....I sugess to you that read the some TIA/EIA standars, specially the security standar for learn how the networks works and the most usually security installed for protect this.
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